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Our Principles

Wolfe Axelrod Weinberger Associates (WAW) sets itself apart from other investor relations agencies:  We adhere to a set of principles that enable us to provide superior service:

  • Integrity — The foundation of our firm is integrity.  We strive to achieve the highest levels of ethical behavior and trust in all our dealings with clients, vendors, and investment community and media contacts.
  • Professionalism — Sound and responsible judgment is creatively and aggressively applied on behalf of our clients.
  • Scale — Our small size differentiates us from our competitors, allowing us to apply our combined talents and experience to the goals and objectives of our clients.  We are able to address both opportunities and problems quickly and flexibly, while providing a full range of services.
  • Balance — We carefully evaluate our clients’ needs and resources to determine the appropriate level of service to fulfill those needs.


For over 25 years, Wolfe Axelrod Weinberger Associates has assisted publicly traded emerging growth companies by telling their corporate stories to both Wall Street and Main Street.  We design and implement pro-active, creative, and aggressive programs that have enabled our clients to lower their cost of capital and capture the attention they deserve from the investment community as well as the media.

WAW helps build value for its clients.  We utilize our knowledge of the financial markets and apply strategic thinking to produce tangible results for clients:  increased access to the capital markets, an expanded base of investors, research coverage, and increased institutional holdings.

Our extensive nationwide contacts in the financial and media communities enable us to fulfill the goals, both domestically and internationally, of companies from all segments of business.

Most of our clients are well-established public companies requiring a full-service public relations and investor relations program.  However, we also design more limited and specialized programs for small companies taking their first tentative steps into the competitive investment market.

WAW’s Definition of Investor Relations

WAW defines investor relations as a strategic corporate marketing activity combining the disciplines of communication and finance that provides present and potential investors with an accurate portrayal of a company’s performance and prospects.  Marketing in this context does not mean “selling” a company's securities to investors, but rather a process of identifying target audiences and educating them about the present and potential value of those securities.

The Challenge

Each day, thousands of publicly traded companies vie for the attention of analysts, portfolio managers, investment bankers, retail brokers, individual investors, and members of the financial media.  In order to successfully capture this attention, it is crucial that a company clearly, effectively, and pro-actively communicate its corporate goals, objectives, and growth potential.  Its corporate story and investment merits must be accurately presented and easily understood.  WAW ensures that its clients' messages are delivered to the investment marketplace and that the investment marketplace understands and takes notice.

WAW helps clients to develop and build productive, on-going relationships with influential members of the investment community, including buy and sell-side analysts, institutional investors and retail brokers.  Every publicly traded company has a fiduciary responsibility to communicate with current as well as potential investors.  However, given the competitiveness of today’s marketplace, a pro-active approach is necessary to better convey a company’s fair value and true potential.

A company’s securities translate into corporate currency, which affects the future cost of capital and helps attract and keep key personnel.  It is therefore essential that the financial community and media be knowledgeable about a company, its strategy and prospects.

WAW properly defines, positions and communicates its clients’ corporate stories to targeted investment professionals and media whose decisions can ultimately influence the market valuation of a company’s securities.

Meeting the Challenge

WAW is uniquely qualified to help companies gain recognition from both the investment community and the media. When implementing an investor relations program, WAW makes sure the right people hear the right message.

From strategic counsel to press releases, road shows to Power Point presentations, WAW repeatedly communicates compelling and consistent corporate stories that gain widespread recognition.  We pride ourselves on our ability to reach influential investors and create a high level of exposure in both the business and financial media.  Our efforts culminate in a broader shareholder base, increased liquidity, a lower future cost of capital, and a better valuation relative to the client’s peer group.


An integral part of any successful investor relations campaign is the ability to access key Wall Street decision makers.  Our strong, nationwide investment community contacts and proprietary database of over 15,000 investment professionals (with detailed descriptions on each investor’s investment parameters) enable us to arrange meetings for our clients with investors who have an active interest in the client, based on their stated investment criteria.

Our record of arranging one-on-one and small group meetings with targeted, pre-screened investment professionals is another factor that differentiates WAW from its competitors.  Following each meeting, we conduct extensive follow-up and provide clients with valuable insight through a comprehensive written report detailing our findings and assessment of the meeting.

Employment Opportunities

Wolfe Axelrod Weinberger Associates is a leading investor and media relations company that continually seeks account professionals at all levels to join its New York office. Interested candidates should fax their resume to 212-370-4505.

WAW is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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